Tips and Tricks for Eyelash Growth

Why are my eyelashes falling out?

Why are my eyelashes falling out? That’s a question with many possible answers and in this article I’ll go over a few of these reasons.

One thing to keep in mind is that eyelashes are hair and like the rest of the hair on your body old eyelashes will eventually fall out and new ones will grow back and take their place. The problem of course is when your eyelashes are growing in at a slower pace then they are falling out at.

One way eyelashes differ from other hair is that eyelashes grow at a much slower pace than regular hair, which obviously can be very frustrating if they start falling out quicker than usual.

So assuming you’re asking the question “Why are my eyelashes falling out?” because your eyelashes are falling out quicker than usual, let’s look into the possible causes.


Mascara Can Cause Eyelashes Falling OutMascara Can Cause Eyelashes Falling Out

It’s kind of ironic that we use mascara to accentuate our eyelashes but if not used properly or excessively mascara can actually cause eyelashes to fall out. There are many reasons why your eyelashes fall out, but here are some of the ones that revolve around mascara:

  1. Leaving your mascara on for too long – if you leave your mascara on too long, like keeping it on overnight and using mascara everyday can cause your eyelashes to get too dry and brittle. As a result your eyelashes can easily crack and break off, giving the impression that your eyelashes are falling out.
  2. An allergy to the mascara – your eyelashes can be falling out due to an allergic reaction to the mascara you’re wearing. You may want to try a different brand of mascara or give your eyelashes a break and stop using mascara altogether for a while.
  3. Be careful when removing mascara – Eyelashes are some of the more delicate hairs on the body, and they can easily be caused to fall out prematurely if they are manipulated too excessively. If you wipe too hard or vigorously then it can cause eyelashes to be pulled out. If you think this may be the cause of your eyelashes falling out start using more makeup remover and rubbing less aggressively when removing your mascara.
  4. Using Waterproof Mascara – your eyelashes need to breathe and mascara really stops your eyelashes from being able to breathe, particularly waterproof mascara. Since waterproof mascara is thicker and as the name waterproof implies prevents moisture from getting your eyelashes it can cause your eyelashes to get dry and brittle even more so than regular mascara. If you do wear waterproof mascara you may want to try a non-waterproof version or not using mascara at all for a while. And with waterproof mascara more than regular mascara, make sure you remove it before going to bed at night.

Eyelashes can fall out due to vitamin deficiency

Not having the correct vitamins in your diet can cause your hair to fall out and that includes eyelashes. If you think your eyelashes are falling out because of your vitamin intake (or I should say lack of vitamin intake) try to eat more foods that contain vitamin A, E and B. Those are vitamins that help promote healthy skin and hair, another option is to take those particular vitamin supplements.

Curling Your Lashes Can Lead To Eyelashes Falling OutCurling Your Eyelashes Can Affect Your Eyelash Growth

Unless your eyelashes are healthy the eyelash curler may be breaking your lashes instead of curling them. If your eyelashes are dry and brittle they won’t curl like healthy eyelashes would and instead may actually break off.

If you think your eyelashes are kind of dry hold off on using the eyelash curler until you get your eyelashes healthier.


Age Can Also Affect Your Eyelashes

The hormonal changes in a woman’s body after menopause can lead to a reduction in womens hair growth, and yes that can unfortunately mean eyelashes. There are a few things that you can do to reduce hair loss which range from home remedies, to over-the-counter and others requiring a prescription.


Where there you have it, those are the most common reasons why eyelashes fall out. For many of them all you have to do is stop what’s causing the eyelash loss and your eyelashes will naturally grow back with time.

If however you want to accelerate the eyelash growth, there are things you could do to make your eyelashes go back faster.

That does it for this article, I hope this article was able to answer your question, “Why are my eyelashes falling out?”

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