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Can I Use Vaseline For Eyelashes?

Many women use Vaseline for eyelashes with wonderful results. There seems to be conflicting information out there on the use of Vaseline for the You Can Use Vaseline For Eyelashesgrowth of eyelashes but I have to say I have seen positive results from it. Have some patience with it, you will start seeing results in 1-2 months, like I said if that’s too long for you to wait you may want to save up and get a product that specializes in eyelash growth.

I wrote this article because with the way today’s economy is not everyone is able to afford the top of the line eyelash growth serums. I figured that there needed to be some good information out there on the second best alternatives for longer, thicker eyelashes. There are some pluses and minuses to using Vaseline for eyelashes, and there are some other alternatives. I’ll touch on each in this article.

Using Vaseline For Eyelashes

You’ll see the biggest improvement if the problem with your eyelashes is that they are dry and brittle. Vaseline helps re-moisturize your eyelashes, preventing them from breaking off or falling out prematurely. Vaseline acts as a conditioner and strengthener which means it’ll help prolong the life cycle of each eyelash, resulting in thicker longer lashes.

When To Apply Vaseline For Eyelashes

The best time to apply it is before going to bed after you’ve removed your makeup. You would remove the Vaseline when you wake up the next morning.

Make sure not to get any in your eye, tear duct or too close to the base of your eyelash. Getting the Vaseline in those areas can cause discomfort, blurred vision or an eye infection.

How To Apply Vaseline For Eyelashes

I’ve heard of people using their fingers, cotton swabs or cotton balls to apply the Vaseline on eyelashes and I think that increases the likelihood of putting the Vaseline where you don’t want it.

The best thing that I’ve found was to use a recycled old (cleaned) mascara brush. Just dip it into the Vaseline jar rub off the excess on the edge of the rim and apply it to your eyelashes as you would regular mascara. You don’t want too apply it too thick either, that would be uncomfortable and most of it would probably end up on your sheets. Instead just put a thin even layer of Vaseline on your lashes.

Added Bonus: If you use mascara, Vaseline can also be used as an excellent low cost makeup remover

What I don’t like about using Vaseline so close to the eyes is that it’s a petroleum based product. Although it gets the job done when it comes to growing eyelashes I think I prefer something a bit more natural. That’s just my preference, if you don’t care about those things then Vaseline is a great low cost solution to getting longer eyelashes.


Other Low Cost Choices For Eyelashes

Castor Oil

Castor Oil is more natural than Vaseline and I’ve heard that it works well, I haven’t used it because I just can’t personally get past the fishy smell. :)

It’s pretty thick and because of that it can be a bit difficult to remove the following morning. Take your time, you don’t want to rub too hard because excessive rubbing is one of the causes of eyelashes falling out.

 Olive Oil
Olive Oil Is As Good As Vaseline For Eyelashes
I know this is an article on using Vaseline for eyelashes but olive oil is my personal favorite out of the three. It doesn’t have a fishy smell and is natural and since it’s much more liquid it easier to control the amount you’re putting on your eyelashes. Olive oil is a natural substance made from olives and contains monounsaturated fatty acids and plenty of antioxidants.

Olive oil, unlike Vaseline, is an actual moisturizer. Olive oil is an age old skin and hair moisturizer and cleanser that is still used today to condition skin and hair.

You can apply the oils using the same method that I described for the Vaseline, use an old mascara brush nightly after removing your makeup and before going to bed. Then removed it when you wake up in the morning.


These low cost alternatives are all a huge improvement over just waiting for eyelashes to grow back. However I still think they are not as fast acting as using the specialized eyelash growth products simply because those products have been optimized with the right combination of vitamins and minerals for fast eyelash growth.

So in summary, there are benefits to using Vaseline for eyelashes but personally I would still prefer using olive oil.


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